Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kat's Hotdog Chilli

Chili is a favorite at our house.   I double this recipe so that I can 16 pint jars at one time and have leftovers for supper.  Hope you like it.

FYI:  This is not a tested recipe but it closely follows the guidelines for canning meat.  It's similar to NCHFP Chili Con Carne without the beans. 

Yields approximately 8 or 9 pints
5 lbs lean ground chuck (I use 85% lean)

Enough water to cover the meat
1/2 cup chili powder
2 tbsp red pepper flakes
2 16 oz cans of tomato sauce or 1 quart of homemade sauce

1 cup of ketchup
1 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp salt (I like garlic salt)

I usually start my chili in the evening so I can leave it cooking in a crock pot overnight. 

In a large stainless steel pot cover ground chuck with water and use a potato masher to break and mix well.  Cook until meat is browned.  Drain this water off with to get rid of the fat.  Cover drained meat with fresh water.
Add all other ingredients. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to low and cook uncovered for one hour.  
Put it in a crock pot. Use a couple of wooden spoons across the pot so steam can escape and cook overnight on low. Dip off any excess grease that might still be in your chili.

To can this chili: 

Meat must be canned using a pressure canner.

Only prolonged exposure to high heat can kill bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Water bath canning can't reach a high enough temperature. Water bath canning reaches 212 degrees where a pressure canner will reach 240. 

Leave chili on low to keep hot while getting your pressure canner and supplies ready. 

1:  Fill Canner with about 3 inches of water.  You should have a mark in canner showing you how much.  Start simmering.
2:  Wash jars and place lids and rings in a pan of simmering water (Don't boil them)
3:  Ladle hot chili into hot jars leaving 1 inch head space
4:  Using a rubber spatula or similar utensil go around inside jar to remove air bubbles. Add more chili to adjust head space if needed.
5:  Wipe rims of jars with a clean paper towel dipped in white vinegar to remove any grease and ensure a good seal.
6:  Put on lids and tighten rings finger tight.
7:  Place jars in your canner and put on lid.  Bring to a boil over medium high heat.  Allow steam to vent for a full 10 minutes. (7 minutes for the All American canner) Close vent and let pressure build to 10 lbs.  Start timer. Process per charts.
Table 1.                         Recommended process time for Kat's Chili  in a dial-gauge pressure canner.
 Canner Pressure (PSI) at Altitudes of
Style of PackJar SizeProcess Time0 - 2,000 ft2,001 - 4,000 ft4,001 - 6,000 ft6,001 - 8,000 ft
HotPints75 min11 lb12 lb13 lb14 lb

Table 2.                    Recommended process time for  Kat's Chili  in a weighted-gauge pressure canner.
 Canner Pressure (PSI) at Altitudes of
Style of PackJar SizeProcess Time0 - 1,000 ftAbove 1,000 ft
HotPints75 min10 lb15 lb

8:  Turn off heat and allow pressure to drop naturally.  Wait 2 minutes and open vent. Wait at least 10 minutes before removing the lid.  
9:  Remove lid carefully, it will be hot
10:  Allow to sit for 10 more minutes and then move jars to counter.
11:  Let sit for 24 hours.  Test seal by pressing thumb in center and if it doesn't pop up you should have a good seal.
12:  Wash Jars, Label with Date & Contents.  You should remove Rings
13:  Store in a cool, dark room.