Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Packing Methods for Vegetables

For certain vegetables, you can use either the raw-pack or the hot-pack method to pack them into the jars.  Listed below you will find directions for doing both.  I will be posting you various recipes for canning veggies.
Raw-Pack Method:
The food is left uncooked.  If you use this method, be sure to firmly pack the vegetables into the jar.  Raw vegetables are not as pliable.  During processing, the veggies will shrink or soften, which may result in a jar that is not as full as you expected.  Food is also more likely to float  when the raw-pack method has been used.  This method is recommended only for foods that become more delicate after they are cooked.
Hot-Pack Method:
The food is precooked in water, making it more pliable.  (Not fully cooked, but usually just brought to a boil for about 5 minutes.  Each recipe for various veggies will specify how long to boil) This method permits a tigher pack and requires fewer jars.  The hot-pack method is usually preferred for veggies that are relatively firm and easy to handle.

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