Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The All American Canner

For those of you lucky enough to have an All American Canner.  Here's a few things I have learned using mine. 

1:  I always use a good brand of olive oil around the rim of the lid to ensure a good seal and I don't end up with a sticky residue that some vegetable oils leave behind.

2:  Do not turn on your heat under the canner until after you have your lid on and clamped down.  Turning the heat on before you put on the lid causes your wing nuts to get very hot and hard to handle.

3:  When putting the lid on the canner, get eye level and make sure it is level on all sides before tightening down your wing nuts.

4:  Always tighten your wing nuts on opposite sides of each other and do a little at a time moving around the pot.  Doing this keeps your lid level.

5:  Once the canner is heated up, make sure to vent the steam for at least 7 minutes.

6:  Always hold the lid up to a light and check your vent pipe and make sure you can see through it and it is clear.

7:  Never loosen wing nuts until the pressure has dropped to zero and you have removed the pressure regulator.

8:  Put a little white vinegar in your water and it will keep water stains off the jars.

Here's a link to a manual in case you need one..

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