Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oven Canning, Is is safe?

Is it safe to process food in the oven?

It is not a recommended way of home canning food because the temperature in different ovens can vary according to how accurate the oven regulators are and the way the heat circulates. 

Dry heat is very slow when penetrating into the jars and therefore may not heat properly to the center of the food. 

Another reason is because jars have been know to easily explode in ovens.

The canning jar companies do not recommend using their jars in ovens or microwaves.  This is a letter from Jarden Home Brands about baking or cooking with their jars:

Thank you for contacting Jarden Home Brands. You ask a great question! We know that the idea of baking in Ball® and Kerr® mason jars seems to be very popular right now, especially online and in cooking and baking communities! However, our jars are not oven-safe or microwave-safe. Because these appliances don’t heat evenly, the glass is at risk of breaking due to thermal shock, and at an even greater risk of breaking from the rush of room-t...emperature air when the oven or microwave door opens. This would waste your food and destroy the jar, and could even hurt someone. For these reasons, we have to advise you to please not bake in our jars.
We hope this information has been of assistance. Again, thank you for contacting us.
The Consumer Affairs Team

Many people do what they call "Dry Canning" in ovens.  This is simply heating your dry goods such as flour, sugar, rice ect...and sealing the jars.  This would help kill any bugs or eggs that might be in the dry goods.  I don't know that heating your dry goods before sealing the jars would help in the preservation of the food other than killing any vermin. 
I use a food saver when storing dry goods to remove the air from my jars and seal them that way.

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