Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Do I need to add Lemon Juice to Applesauce?

I recently answered a question in a canning group as to why The Ball Blue Book and the Ball Website have different recipes for making applesauce.  The Blue Book doesn't say to add lemon juice to the sauce but the website does.  I explained that adding lemon juice just helps the sauce maintain a good color and that I would contact Ball for verification.  Below is the question I sent to Ball and their reply to me.  Lemon Juice in Applesauce is optional, but does help it to keep a good color over time.
Someone asked me why the Ball Blue book doesn't say to put lemon juice in applesauce and the recipe on the site says that you do put lemon juice in apple sauce. Here's a link to the one on the site. I told them the lemon juice was probably just to help the sauce maintain a good color over time but wanted to ask you about it to make sure. Can you give me an answer? Thanks for the help.
Ball® Canning & Recipes
Ball® Canning & Recipes
Hi Kathy! You are correct! The lemon juice does act as a color protector. Either recipe will work for home canning, so it simply comes down to a personal preference. Thank you for the question.

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