Monday, March 9, 2015


I have had many questions about re-canning food from larger containers.  People are wondering if it is safe to do so.  Here is my opinion backed up with a little information from my manual that came with my All American Canner.

1:  I believe it is not un-safe to re-can fruits and vegetables purchased in large containers as long as you follow the guidelines as if canning the food fresh.

2:  I do believe you my lose some quality in the finished product do to the fact that it may end up over cooked.  But it would not be much different than if you canned left-overs.

3:  I believe it would be a matter of personal taste and preference, not a matter of safety.

This is a page from the All American Canner Manual in their FAQ section about this subject.  Note that this only talks about FRUIT.  NCHFP does not recommend re-canning foods.

Here's a link to NCHFP  list of FAQ and how they answer to this question:

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