Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nancy Asks:

Q:   I have a problem. Yesterday I scored a ton of jars that were in a 92 year old man's estate....old jars!!! Problem is they are filled with something that now resembles crude oil, and the rings (grrrrrrr she left them on!) are now rusted so bad I cant get them off! Some of the lids are so thin I can probably puncture them. One punctured while I was loading them and the most horrible smell came out of that jar. I REALLY want to save these jars, any ideas on how to get them loose?? One's dated 1979!
A:  Turn them upside down in hot, soapy water.  Leave for about 1/2 hour.  Check rims and if it still won't come off, leave a little longer.  Usually soaking in hot water will do the trick.  I use a jar opener that does wonders for tight lids.  Here's a photo of my little helper! 


  1. do you have the ball jar opener its fairly new i think and it is great or getting rings off. I havent found one yet it cant open and it does wide and reg mouth.

  2. No Jen, I don't have a Ball jar opener, but the one I use does such a great job that I haven't found the need to buy another one, but thanks for letting us know about it.