Wednesday, September 17, 2014

V-6 Juice

Tomato-Veggie Blend
from Kat's Kitchen

Adding a few veggies to your tomato juice just gives it that little extra boost of taste and it's so handy to have around for soups and stews if you can keep everyone from drinking it.

What you will need:

One 25 pound box of tomatoes (Approximately 22 pounds will make 7 quarts)
No more than 3 cups of other veggies.  I used:
1 cups of celery
1/2 cup of carrots
1/2 cup of onions
1/2 cup of jalapenos
1/2 cup of red peppers
1 tsp of canning salt per quart jar
2 tbsp of lemon juice or 1/2 tsp of citric acid per quart jar

First thing I did was get my extra veggies chopped up and ready to go.  Set aside until you are ready to add them to your pot of tomatoes.

Next fill your sink with water and add 1 cup of white vinegar to it.  This is to wash your tomatoes in.   

Wash and Core your tomatoes.  Quarter them and crush the first layer in your pot to begin boiling.  Keep crushing as you add tomatoes.

Once all of your tomatoes are in the pot you add your chopped veggies and simmer for 20 minutes.   Press your mixture through a food mill or sieve to remove seeds and peels.  

Add lemon juice and salt to each of your jars.  

Reheat your juice to boiling  and fill jars leaving 1/2 inch head space.

Stir juice with a chop stick or something similar to remove any air bubbles.

Wipe rims of jars with a paper towel dipped in vinegar to ensure a good seal.

Put on lids and rings and tighten them down finger tight.

Place jars in your canner and put on the lid.  Bring to a boil and vent steam for a full 10 minutes or 7 minutes if using an All American Canner.  Or you can process in a water bath canner.

Process According to charts.

 Recommended process time for Tomato and Vegetable Juice Blend in a boiling-water canner.
Process Time at Altitudes of
Style of PackJar Size0 - 1,000 ft1,001 - 3,000 ft3,001 - 6,000 ftAbove 6,000 ft
HotPints35 min404550

 Recommended process time for Tomato and Vegetable Juice Blend in a weighted-gauge pressure canner.
Canner Gauge Pressure (PSI) at Altitudes
Style of PackJar SizeProcess Time0 - 1,000 ftAbove 1,000 ft
20 min5 lb10 lb
1015Not Recommended

Recommended process time for Tomato-Vegetable Blend in a dial-gauge pressure canner
Canner Gauge Pressure (PSI) at Altitudes of
Style of PackJar SizeProcess Time0 - 2,000 ft2,001 - 4,000 ft4,001 - 6,000 ft6,001 - 8,000 ft
20 min6 lb7 lb8 lb9 lb

Let your canner cool down naturally.  Never try to speed up this process it will cause you to lose liquid in your jars.  Once pressure has dropped to zero, wait 2 minutes and open canner.

Wait 10 more minutes and place jars on counter to cool for 24 hours.

Test your seal by pressing your thumb in center of jar.  It should not pop up.

Label and Store in a cool dark place.