Thursday, August 13, 2015

Making Juice with a Steam Juicer

I love my Steam Juicer so I thought I would do a post telling everyone how to use it to get the most out of your fruits.

The Steam Juicer extracts clear juice from fruits and vegetables using the power of STEAM. As the water in the bottom pot boils and the steam rises it causes the juices to be released from the fruits or vegetables in the top pot. The center pot catches the juice which you then drain off using the attached tube.  Making you own fruit juice with a Steam Juicer allows you to have control of what is in the juice.  You can sweeten to taste and best of all there are no preservatives.  This wonderful juice can them be preserved using a Water Bath Canner.

Here's a great video telling about the juicer.

I have the Victorio Steam Juicer but they are all made very similar.  I am not endorsing the Victorio in particular, but it is the one I have so it is the one I talk about.    I do recommend getting a Stainless Steel one.  

Info on the Victorio Juicer:  (Information may vary by by manufacturer)

● Will extract juice from fruits and vegetables through the power of steam

● Can be used as a stock pot, roaster, colander and steamer

● Stock pot has an 8 quart liquid capacity and a clad bottom for even heating

● Colander holds up to 8 quarts of fruits or vegetables

● Smooth top and induction range compatible

● Comes with silicone juice hose and stainless steel clamp

● All stainless steel design

● Dishwasher safe

You may click HERE to view a manual for the Victorio Steam Juicer.  There are recipes and instructions telling you how to use it.  These recipes will work with any Steam Juicer.